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We gain the trust of our patients through our work, knowledge and understanding the needs of our patients. In today's fast-paced lifestyle, our team, led by orthodontist specialist Ena Prenc Matković, will always find time for you and dedicate themselves to you as long as it is necessary. We are an office specialized in orthodontics, but in cooperation with other specialists, prosthetics, oral surgery, periodontology and dental medicine offices, we provide patients with a complete service.


One of the biggest advantages of removable aligners over traditional braces is that it allows you to take better care of your teeth.

food and activities

With Invisalign removable braces, you can eat and engage in all activities that we cannot do with traditional braces.

less dental visits

Although still important, the number of visits to your orthodontist is greatly reduced by using invisalign removable braces.

less irritation

Invisalign does not have sharp edges, which, as with traditional braces, can cause irritation of the oral cavity and wounds and bleeding lips.

Our services

In addition to Invisalign Invisible Braces, we also offer other orthodontic services as well as teeth whitening.


Fixed orthodontic braces are the most effective means of correcting orthodontic irregularities. The device serves to correct the patient's dental row and return each individual tooth to its optimal position, which solves a problem that is not only aesthetic, but above all functional.


The Damon system was invented by the American Dr. Dwight Damon, and today it is used all over the world. Damon braces are self-ligating braces with an innovative closing system, which ensures optimal force transmission. They are small and comfortable, so they are easier to maintain. Due to their small size, they cause significantly less irritation on the lips and cheeks.


iTero is equipped with a digital display and a recorder with an optical element. The orthodontist is able to reach and record each of your teeth. The orthodontist will show the final image to the patient on the screen in the form of a 3D view, and the entire scan is completed in less than 10 minutes.


WHITEsmile Flash is one of the fastest and safest teeth whitening systems on the market. A carefully designed whitening lamp and gel system provides safe and effective teeth whitening in the office using the latest cold LED light.

Why choose us?

experience & expertise

Our orthodontic practice is proud of many years of experience and highly qualified staff with thousands of satisfied patients. Our team is educated at prestigious institutions and regularly participates in additional training to keep up with the latest techniques and technologies in orthodontics.

personalised approach to every patient

Every patient is unique, so we offer personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs and wishes. Through detailed consultations and a careful approach, we ensure that each patient receives the best possible care and results.

contemporary technology

We use the latest technology and equipment to ensure fast, precise and effective treatments. Our practice is equipped with digital X-ray devices, 3D scanners and other advanced tools that enable accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

Accessibility and flexibility

We understand that time is precious, so we offer flexible appointments to suit your schedule, including afternoon and weekend appointments. In addition, we offer a variety of payment options and financing plans to ensure that superior orthodontic care is available to everyone.

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