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Dr. Prenc Matković Ena, is a doctor of dental medicine with specialization in orthodontics and INVISALIGN PROVIDER. She was born in Pula, where she completed elementary school and high school. She graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Rijeka in 2009 and obtained the title of Doctor of Dental Medicine.

After completing her specialization in the field of orthodontics in 2018, she earned the title orthodontics specialist.

Over the years, thanks to her expertise, constant professional training and high-quality results, she has beautified hundreds of children’s and adults’ smiles.

She attends numerous courses in Croatia and around the world in order to keep up with the latest technologies in modern orthodontics.

Our vision is to provide all patients with orthodontic therapy that follows the latest global trends.

Introduction of digital technology in orthodontics ORTHO-SMILE wants to provide our patients with a new dimension of orthodontic therapy.

  • Specialist in orthodontics
  • Orthodontic therapy is conducted exclusively by Dr. Prenc Matković
  • Offers the most modern orthodontic techniques and materials from several types of braces to aligners (transparent braces)
  • Broad insight into the therapeutic possibilities of various anomalies and the selection of the best orthodontic device to solve them
  • Individual approach to each patient and his needs
  • Extraordinary patient care during the entire therapy
  •  Interdisciplinary cooperation with other branches of dentistry, specialists in prosthetics, periodontology, oral surgery and doctors of dental medicine
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