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Gaps between teeth are a major aesthetic problem. We achieved a perfect smile with fixed orthodontic braces.

When you visit an orthodontist in a timely manner, some anomalies can be solved without tooth extraction.

So it was in this case where the patient, before fixed braces, wore HEADGEAR to distalize (move back) the first molars (upper six) and make room for the other teeth to move back with the help of fixed braces and a well thought out therapy plan.

Diastema median – distance between the central incisors.

An aesthetic problem that destroyed this patient’s self-confidence. After completing the therapy, patient finally showed a smile from ear to ear.

Severe primary compression in the upper dental arch. Upper lateral incisors placed palatially, loss of place to place them.

With a well-planned therapy, taking into account the state of the periodontium and the position of the roots, we got a perfect dental arch, a perfectly stable occlusion.

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